About Me

שלום & سلام, I’m “TK” and no that is not my real name; it’s a call sign from when I served in the Navy.

What does it mean you may ask? Well if I tell you I may have to call in some favors from my friends in DOD ;). (Just kidding!) I’m אליאס יוסף from Syracuse. I was born in China, grew up in Canada, then came to the United States. I’m Jewish and I’m שומר מסורת/Masorti.

As I have said I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, and took up photography after a few trips abroad with my point-and-shoot that yielded some unexpected but stunning photos. Photographer friends of mine said I have an eye for it, and I took their advice, bought a DLSR and that’s how Thirteenth Knight Photography came to be.

Bunny and Panda

Sort of planning a wedding while travelling the world

Tom Plevnik photography

One picture could change your life.

Our Chinese Wedding

Or The Unofficial Fiancé; A German Girl and a Chinese Guy get married

Joshi Daniel Photography

Images of People Photoblog

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Basic Judaism spoken here.

visual journey

visual world through my eyes...

Brian Gaynor Photography

Capturing Life's Beauty One Photo at a Time

Edith Levy Photography

Writing with Light

A Traveler's Tale

photography and travel interests, places, and things

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