Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston – nicknamed the Holy City, is South Carolina’s oldest and largest city. It boasts some of the most beautiful antebellum architecture in the nation, not least also some of the friendliest people in our great nation.

Rainbow Row – famous in this city for its charming facade.

The city was founded in 1670, named after King Charles II, it was governed by a governor sent by the Crown and its colonial legislature was elected by districts organized according to Anglican parishes.

St. Philips’s Episcopal Church – oldest religious congregation in Charleston. Established in 1681, the present building was rebuilt in 1850 after its original structure was burnt to the ground in 1835.

The cemetery behind St. Philip’s Church

The city was nicknamed the “Holy City” as it was known for its religious tolerance for its time. The colonial city had always allowed Protestants of various denominations, Catholics and Jews free worship, and today it is reflected in the numerous historical houses of worship it boasts.

The cemetery of the French Huguenot Church.

The city’s French quarter flourished in the city’s antebellum days, and today is popular among tourists, and foodies.

Haunting image of this alley, and a random throwaway teddy bear gave us the creeps…

Speaking of hauntings…not that we are huge believers in that stuff, but if there was a place that should be haunted, it would be Charleston. The city, beautiful in all its glory also has a darker past. Slavery featured prominently in its history, it was one of a few places in the Pre-Civil War south that had a slave population outnumbering the whites. The Civil War devastated its architecture and killed many residents.

Dock Street Theater, was originally the Planter’s Hotel. The original hotel was first affected by the Civil War, then the 1886 earthquake finished its days as a hotel. In the 1930s the building was converted into a theater.

Being one of the oldest cities in the United States, it should be expected that Brothers of the Craft would establish itself here.

The first Lodge in SC was chartered in 1737.

The city’s slave history is best shown in another post.

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