Flash Back Friday #FBF: Bahia Palace

Friday!!! Yes!

For majority of the work force it is the last day of the work week and respite is ever so near. Having just got back from a vacation, a few things usually go through our minds: one, when’s the next one? Well my wife and I are planning that as we speak; two, let’s reminisce our other trips.

Of course, a trip of recent memory is special to both of us – Marrakech, the destination of our honeymoon. A land of colors and stories; of a proud people who “invented everything,” and of magnificent skylines and endless desert.

My lovely wife and I often stare at our collage wall, as if to be transported back to that chapter. And within this chapter, we especially loved Bahia Palace; name meaning brilliance, it was built in the 1800s intended to be the most magnificent palace. The palace has many adjacent gardens and is definitely a must visit for those who wish to capture the beauty of Morocco and its glorious past.


It is not likely that you will find this place empty for you to take a nice shot, but I can’t say I hate this photo. I will only say that any medium would not do it justice as your eyes and your heart would.











We love cats, it is no secret. So when we see cats of Marrakesh you’d be correct to assume we have a great time watching them, sometimes petting them and of course taking photos of them.



#CatsOfMarrakesh - this cute cat is trying to hide from us annoying westerners trying to take photos.

#CatsOfMarrakesh – this cute cat is trying to hide from us annoying westerners trying to take photos.

We loved every minute of Marrakech, with cobblestone roads so rough on my knees, with the vendors vying for your dirhams (and if you’re not careful, your dollars/Euros), and every tile and wood carving demonstrating its glorious history.

I’m sure one day we will return. But until then, we have other places to see.

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