The Holy Land: Part 3

[Review part 2]

Fortress of Masada

Fortress of Masada

The Fortress of Masada, and the Dead Sea… Indescribable… A Roman era castle built atop of a steep mountain, commissioned by Herod, used by the Zealots by the Jewish Revolt. Can’t really do it justice unless you’re here…

Sir Winston Churchill once said regarding the Jewish people, describing Jews as the most “formidable race” there was… If you know the story of Masada and the last stand of the Zealots, you’d agree.

I wonder, if these birds can tell tales, would they sing songs of the brave 900 who died for their people, their nation, and their freedom.

Personally, I have my own opinions regarding Jewish identity, which from genetic research, archaeology, and historical documents; I believe it to be a combination of the descents of original Israelites, the “intermarriage” (By that I mean ethnically) that happened around the world, the many conversions that took place, and many simply adopted Jewish culture and customs through history. Regardless of which definition, Halacha or not, you must say this is an ancient culture that endured and remained strong for 2600 years.



If you come to Israel, c’mon, we all know you gotta float on the Dead Sea… You just gotta! It’s a bucket list thing! Now, it’s 37% percent salinity… That means if you take a cup of this water, and when it evaporates, 1/3rd of it will be salt!

The Beach... of the Dead Sea

The Beach… of the Dead Sea

Now, let me be honest with you… I didn’t enjoy it! Within a few moments getting into the water, my skin burned… among other open … openings of my body… BUT I can cross it off my bucket list! That’s what’s important!

I'm floating!

I’m floating!

Well, that ends this post ’cause I doubt you wanna hear my shower stories of how I got the salt off… Well, I hope you don’t …


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