The Holy Land: Highlights

I apologize for the extended absence, it has been hectic with work and some drama in my love life (or the lack thereof I should say.) In my search for connection and love, I have decided to take a trip to what some people call, “The Center of The World” – The Holy Land.

It is called the Holy Land for a reason – Well, just about around every street corner is some thousand year old shrine to a Biblical prophet or Quranic figure. It is a place holy to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Baha’is.

Baha'i Hanging Garden

Baha’i Hanging Garden

This is certainly a small country but full of surprises… For one? As “holy” as it is, it is a booming modern country. Israelis (both Jewish and Arab) wear American fashion… Now, I really mean American as in American Eagle, H&M, Hugo Boss, Levis… They really look American!



For me, it is a journey to find a missing part of my soul… I have decided to embrace my own Jewish heritage. I have been studying Judaism and find it filling a gap in my heart, and have decided to make Judaism a part of my life.

Once upon a time in Tel Aviv

Once upon a time in Tel Aviv

As I walk through the streets of this both ancient and modern nation, I wonder if I will ever find love, wisdom and the missing piece of the puzzle that I have been searching for years…

If I forget thee on Jerusalem, let my right hand wither...

If I forget thee oh Jerusalem, let my right hand wither…

The journey to do some soul searching is never smooth, while I’m walking the streets of this amazing place, another attempt at finding happiness dies. You gotta love modern technology, it allows people to break hard news to you using the least confrontational ways – i.e.: Facebook!

Prayers I wrote for love, for hope, for dreams... For myself and for others

Prayers I wrote for love, for hope, for dreams… For myself and for others

But for me, life goes on. I’m a survivor, and I intend on surviving and thriving. So, moving on, with the journey to happiness, to self-discovery, to destiny.

Sukkot celebrations next to the Wailing Wall

Sukkot celebrations next to the Wailing Wall

Strangely, I found the strength to go on despite of being saddened… Perhaps it is that I have grown exceedingly good at living under hopelessness, or maybe it’s this place that reminded me that despite of being downtrodden, occupied, disbursed, and murdered…The Hope ultimately prevails and destiny is in my hands.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque

So I will keep going, keep walking, keep looking… This place is what I needed to see, to feel, to experience.

Most emotional part of my trip - Holocaust Memorial Museum

Most emotional part of my trip – Holocaust Memorial Museum

In the words of David, “…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” – Tehilim 30:5

4th Century Synagogue

4th Century Synagogue

As the journey nears its end, I am simultaneously dreading returning to the routine and solitude, yet excited and hopeful to see what the future has in store.



That’s how life is – What you make it. Half of it is perspective, because there are just too many things outside of our control. Where one is born, how one dies, what is one’s heritage, the cards which “Fate” dealt us. But even if things are per-determined, I am determined to take control of my life and steer it into the happiness I deserve.

Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Today is a new day, new doors will open, new places to be discovered! If you allow fear to take control, you will never go where you want to go. Fear is a primal mechanism, and it has its uses. But emotional fears are often twisted imaginations. Either you control your life or it controls you. I am the captain of my soul, my fear is real, but it has no seat on the bridge. If you don’t despise your fear, then you love it more than you like to admit.

Port of Jaffa

Port of Jaffa

I have embraced the unknown, the powerlessness that is life, and from the acceptance of this truth, I have taken hold of myself. There are things I don’t control, but I will control the things I do. In doing so I find power, and I will find Love. The journey continues…

Sunset over Jaffa

Sunset over Jaffa

“Your love has an eloquent tone. The sky and I want to hear it!” – Hafiz

[Continue on part 2]


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