כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאוד, והעיקר – לא לפחד כלל” : רב נחמן מברסלב”
“All the world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to fear at all.” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

“A photograph is a moral decision taken in one eighth of a second. ” – Salman Rushdie

Thirteenth Knight Photography™:

As Rebbe Nachman of Breslov once said: “Seek the sacred within the ordinary. Seek the remarkable within the commonplace.” My photos are my attempt at this Chassidic wisdom as in each shot I try to bring what I seek as the sparks within the world. I often help my wifey @ Almost-Kosher with her food photography, though she’s much more adept at that than I am.

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just read your post on Istanbul. I had a layover there once, on my way to Italy. Although short, I was able to squeeze in a nice, but strong Turkish coffee. Your photos and descriptions make me want to go back and explore it for a longer period of time. Thanks for sharing!

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